PRESS RELEASE      10. 12. 2020

Carriers paid 12 percent more in tolls in November than last year, the government collected 1.072 billion crowns for the month

Prague, 10 December 2020 – Despite ongoing economic constraints due to the fight against coronavirus, November was the second busiest month on Czech roads and motorways. Carriers paid 1.072 billion crowns in tolls, which is 12 percent more than in November 2019. It is also the third month in a row in which toll collection increased at a double-digit rate.

Although the expansion of the network of toll roads also contributes to year-on-year growth, according to statistics, the government collects more through the new system, even on the original length of toll roads. The new system achieves a higher collection even though its operation is cheaper by one third. Tolls are one of the important sources of revenue for the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure, which is a key investor in the renovation and development of transport infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

The new electronic toll system completed the first year of live operation on 30 November 2020. At the end of November, more than 538 thousand vehicles were registered in it, for which the carriers picked up 464 thousand on-board units. In the course of twelve months, CzechToll recorded 950 million toll transactions, in which vehicles drove more than 3.2 billion kilometres on toll roads.

“During the year of live operation, we uncovered 300,000 toll incidents. In almost half of the cases, the number of axles on the on-board unit was set incorrectly. The second most common offence is driving a vehicle without proper registration in the toll system on a toll road,” said Petr Chvátal, CzechToll COO.

CzechToll inspects carriers through 60 control gantries located on toll motorways and 1st category roads. The Customs Administration of the Czech Republic then carries out inspections by means of mobile control vehicles, which communicate with on-board units in the vehicles of carriers via DSRC technology (microwave system), scan the vehicle registration number with a camera and identify them. These vehicles are inspected both when parking near the road and also in motion mode while driving.

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