PRESS RELEASE      09. 02. 2022

CzechToll submitted an offer in the tender for the supply of a part of the electronic toll system in Slovakia

Prague, 9 February 2022 – CzechToll received from the Slovak National Motorway Company minutes from the opening of bids in the tender procedure for “Building an electronic toll system and providing technical support services”. CzechToll submitted the lowest quote of all the submitted bids.

“CzechToll, as one of the bidders, cannot publish further details of its bid at this stage of the tender. In the tender, we presented the same technical solution for toll collection that we successfully implemented in the Czech Republic in 2019,” said Miroslav Beneš, CzechToll spokesperson.

The bids will now be evaluated by the Slovak National Motorway Company in accordance with the established public procurement criteria.

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