In 2022, CzechToll became part of the newly formed holding company ITIS Holding a.s., in which the PPF group holds a 50% stake.
Together with the Slovak company SkyToll, CzechToll has designed, built and operates electronic toll system in the Czech Republic based on cutting-edge satellite technology.
Thanks to the modern solution, the Czech Republic will save hundreds of millions of crowns a year on the toll system operation since 2020.
The satellite technology will allow the flexible management of the toll system and traffic on Czech roads. The improved planning of investment in the transport infrastructure means higher fluency and traffic safety.

Thanks to the partnership of CzechToll and SkyToll, the Czech Republic has one of the most cutting-edge electronic toll systems in the world. Electronic toll system from CzechToll and SkyToll is highly flexible and quickly implementable. The cost of building it is significantly lower for the government than in the case of the microwave technology using toll gantries. The satellite toll system gives the government the flexibility to change the range of toll roads and simply set different toll rates for different road categories. In addition, data from the system can be easily used for additional superstructure applications, such as traffic intensity management, the efficient planning of maintenance and investment in transport infrastructure.

In 2022, CzechToll became part of the newly formed holding company ITIS Holding a.s., in which the PPF group holds a 50% stake.

ITIS Holding (Intelligent Traffic and Infrastructure Solutions) was established with the ambition to profile the group in the field of intelligent transport infrastructure solutions. It focuses at innovation and advanced services linked to the need to manage and regulate traffic both outside cities and within metropolitan areas, especially with regards to environmental aspects.

The goal is to take traffic data, increase its information value and using advanced technologies to use it for advanced traffic management with an emphasis on sustainability and climate protection. The PPF Group provides the holding with the background of a strong partner, thanks to which they can jointly accelerate growth both organically and via targeted acquisitions.

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As part of the integrated management system,the company CzechToll received certification in 2020:

The above certificates were issued by ELBACERT a.s.

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