PRESS RELEASE      11. 12. 2019

Expansion of the toll payment obligation: As of January trucks will pay tolls on these 1st category roads as well

Prague, 10 December 2019 – As of 1 January 2020, tolls for vehicles over 3.5 tons will be expanded by an additional 868 kilometres of 1st category roads. For example, I/20 road between Pilsen and České Budějovice, I/3 from Benešov towards Tábor, I/35 from Hradec Králové towards Olomouc and also I/43 from Svitavy to Brno will also be subject to payment. The specific sections can be found in the table and on the attached map.

Instead of the existing 234 kilometres, a total of 1,102 kilometres will be charged starting from next year. The number of kilometres of toll motorways will also increase – by 13.9 kilometres of the D1 motorway between Lipník nad Bečvou and Předmostím and by 21 kilometres of the D3 motorway between Úsilný and Veselí nad Lužnicí. In total, 1,307 kilometres of motorways will be charged after the amendment comes in effect.

The amendment to the Decree on the use of roads subject to toll payment introduces toll payment on a total of 37 sections of 1st category roads (both original and newly charged), i.e. roads that are intended for interstate and long-distance transport. By expanding the charging, the state budget revenues for investments in the renewal and development of the road infrastructure are to increase by 1 to 1.5 billion Czech crowns.

More than 344 thousand vehicles are currently registered in the toll system, exactly 75 % of the expected number of 458 thousand vehicles. However, experience from last week’s operation shows that the remaining approximately 114 thousand drivers will arrive to the Czech Republic gradually over the coming weeks and months. Currently, drivers have OBUs installed in 247 thousand vehicles. More than 95% of Czech hauliers are already registered.

List of new toll roads in effect as of 1 January 2020

No. Section Length (km)
I/3 Mirošovice-Mezno 43.5
I/4 Prague-Jíloviště 5.2
I/6 Bošov-Carlsbad 29.7
I/11 Krásné Pole-Ostrava 8.7
I/12 Prague-Kolín 32.5
I/16 Mladá Boleslav-Úlibice, Czech Republic 37.0
I/19 Oltyně-Čekanice 10.0
I/19 Tábor-Pelhřimov 34.0
I/20 Pilsen-České Budějovice 112.5
I/26 Pilsen-Folmava 51.7
I/34 České Budějovice-Jindřichův Hradec 40.7
I/34 Jarošov nad Nežárkou-Havlíčkův Brod 55.6
I/35 Turnov-Jičín 13.8
I/35 Úlibice-Hradec Králové 30.2
I/35 Hradec Králové-Mohelnice 89.3
I/37 Hradec Králové-Pardubice 17.3
I/38 Jestřebí-Mladá Boleslav 31.1
I/38 Poděbrady-Jihlava 86.9
I/43 Brno-Svitavy 44.8
I/50 Holubice-Rovné 86.1
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