PRESS RELEASE      12. 05. 2020

In April, collected tolls fell by 19 percent year-on-year to 746.4 million Czech crowns

Prague, 12 May 2020 – In April 2020 CzechToll prescribed tolls for carriers for driving on toll roads in the aggregate amount of CZK 746.4 million. The year-on-year decrease in selected tolls exceeded 19 percent. The traffic intensity decreased on motorways and 1st category toll roads evenly.

The amount of toll collection in April was fully affected by the decline in bus and heavy freight transport related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsequently, following the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic of 30 March 2020, the toll administrator introduced from the beginning of April a relief for carriers in the form of extended maturity of invoices for tolls for 5.5 thousand vehicles registered in the Post-pay mode with a bank guarantee. For another almost 200,000 vehicles, the extension to 90 days was negotiated with fuel card issuers.

“We would like to thank the fuel card issuers for their efforts. Technically, 11 issuers, by means of which almost 200,000 vehicles were registered in the system, were able to implement the changes,” said Petr Chvátal, CzechToll COO. Detailed conditions of the introduced relief measures can be found by carriers on the official website of the electronic toll system

Despite the decline in traffic intensity, the number of vehicles registered in the domestic electronic toll system continued to grow. At the turn of April and May, the number of issued on-board units exceeded 400,000. Over 465 thousand vehicles were registered.

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