PRESS RELEASE      22. 10. 2019

In the last 4 weeks the registration in the new toll system has been carried out by only 5% of small hauliers, whereas half of the big ones have already done so

Prague, 21 October 2019 – If small hauliers operating under the prepay toll mode fail to quickly fulfil their obligation to register and collect a new on-board unit, the Czech Republic is at risk of a traffic collapse in early December. While half of the big hauliers in the postpay toll mode have already carried out the necessary registration, only 5% of the obliged small hauliers in the prepay toll mode have done so. A total of 82,000 vehicles are registered in the system four weeks after the registration was launched.

Today the Minister of Transport Vladimír Kremlík personally tried out the registration in the new toll system in the prepay mode at the Prague branch of the Czech Chamber of Commerce. It took him less than four minutes to register one vehicle and pay the refundable  deposit for the on-board unit.

“The system of registration at Points of Sale is simple and fast. That is also why I urge hauliers not to wait any longer and secure new on-board units as soon as possible. I will address a similar challenge this week to transport ministers in countries where hauliers have so far had only a limited interest in the registration,“ said Vladimír Kremlík.

CzechToll is concerned about the lack of interest in the registration, especially by hauliers from Poland. They currently have approximately 117 thousand domestic on-board units  in their vehicles. However, only 15,000 vehicles have registered in the new system so far. This is one of the reasons why CzechToll strengthened the information campaign in Poland beyond its original budget in the end of last week. As far as statistics are concerned, the obligation to register is performed best by hauliers from the Czech Republic (41 thousand vehicles registered) and Slovakia (8 thousand vehicles).

“If small hauliers do not start picking up new on-board units in bulk, they will spend unnecessary hours in queues at the turn of November and December. I would like to reassure all hauliers once again that the system will be launched despite legal disputes and it is not advisable to postpone the registration. The hauliers have only a few weeks to go to secure a new on-board unit without unnecessary stress and waiting in queues,” said Matej Okáli, the CEO of CzechToll.

With regards to the expected surge of hauliers at the turn of November and December, CzechToll, in cooperation with the Points of Sale operators, secured  the strengthening of staff capacities in order to be able to handle as many hauliers as possible. However, it recommends that hauliers register as soon as possible, pay the refundable deposit for the on-board unit and prepare for its installation in the vehicle. The Czech Chamber of Commerce also provided the maximum support for the registration process.

“Over 15 specialized workplaces of the Chamber of Commerce have so far registered 5,000 vehicles. Hauliers will not only get all the information from our employees, but they can also buy installation kits for fixed connection of the on-board unit in the vehicle. A great benefit is the possibility to book a specific time of visit and thus avoid any waiting,” added Vladimír Dlouhý, the President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

The registration of vehicles can be carried out at more than 200 Points of Sale, at selected branches of the Chamber of Commerce, through fuel card issuers or online at In case of online registration, the haulier will receive a new on-board unit upon payment of the refundable deposit by post (free shipping applies to shipments within the Czech Republic, to Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia).

Complete information about the new toll system can be found at   or on the non-stop customer service line +420 243 243 243.

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