PRESS RELEASE      26. 09. 2019

The contract for the new toll system is valid, CzechToll continues in haulier registration

Today CzechToll received the Office for the Protection of Competition decision on the validity of the contract for development and operation of the new electronic toll system in the Czech Republic.

The contract is in force at the moment and the decision on the preparation of the toll system does not change anything. CzechToll is ready to launch the new toll system according to the schedule and to open the way for toll revenues in the state budget to grow by an estimated CZK 2.5 billion. The new toll system will be, even after expanding the toll network and taking into account the development costs, considerably cheaper than the CZK 6.9 billion offered by the competitor for 10 years. Compared to today, the CzechToll solution will save a billion crowns a year on operating costs for the Czech budget.

We would like to appeal to hauliers not to postpone their obligation to register and secure new OBUs despite legal disputes.

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