PRESS RELEASE      09. 02. 2021

Toll collection grew at a double-digit rate in January, with carriers paying CZK 1.067 billion for using toll roads

Prague, 9 February 2021 – The introduction of an air pollution charge and a traffic-based noise pollution charge as of 1 January 2021 has, as expected, led to an increase in toll collection on toll roads. The toll collection increased by 12.6% year-on-year. In January, carriers paid a total of 1.067 billion Czech crowns.

“Carriers drove almost 268 million kilometres on toll roads in January. The total toll collection on motorways reached 952 million Czech crowns and on 1st category roads CzechToll levied 115 million Czech crowns to be paid by carriers,” said Petr Chvátal, CzechToll COO. At the end of January, more than 552 thousand vehicles were registered in the system, for which the carriers picked up 472 thousand on-board units.

The introduction of new toll components is based on European legislation. Air pollution charges and traffic-based noise pollution charges are also included in toll rates in Austria and Germany, for example. The newly acquired financial resources should be used to reduce the negative impacts of road transport on the population living in the vicinity of roads. A typical example is the construction of noise walls.

Higher toll discounts for domestic carriers

Simultaneously with the adjustment in toll rates, there were adjustments in the calculation of toll discounts that the carriers can ask for from the beginning of 2021. The limit values that determine the amount of the discount as well as the percentage of the discount change. Large carriers who pay more than 270,000 Czech crowns or more in tolls can receive a 13 percent discount on tolls:

  • toll ≥ CZK 65,000, a discount of 6% will be granted
  • toll ≥ CZK 95,000, a discount of 9% will be granted
  • toll ≥ CZK 170,000, a discount of 11 % will be granted
  • toll ≥ CZK 270,000, a discount of 13 % will be granted

For the whole of 2020, the government collected over 11.5 billion Czech crowns from carriers on tolls using the satellite toll system. Year-on-year growth in toll collection exceeded 5.24 percent, despite the fact that toll collection fell at a double-digit rate during the spring economic restrictions in connection with the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The main reason for the growth was the extension of the scope of toll roads as of 1 January 2020.

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