PRESS RELEASE      12. 04. 2021

Toll collection in March reached 1.285 billion Czech crowns, an increase of 29 percent year on year

Prague, 12 April 2021 – Carriers paid almost 1.285 billion Czech crowns in tolls in March. The year-on-year growth of almost 29 percent is due not only to the new charges for noise and air pollution, which have been part of toll rates since 1 January 2021, but also to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic last year. Its first effects were already reflected in the toll collection statistics for March 2020.

In March, carriers paid over CZK 1.132 billion for using Czech motorways. For using 1st category roads they paid over CZK 152 million. The satellite toll system recorded 97 million toll transactions on toll roads, which represents an increase of almost 14 percent.

“The months of March, April and May last year were affected by the emerging pandemic of COVID-19. The year-on-year comparison of the collected toll is thus not entirely relevant. The key is that the toll system is operational and generates funds for the implementation of investments in the transport infrastructure in the Czech Republic, “ said Petr Chvátal, the COO of CzechToll.

As at the end of February 567 thousand vehicles were registered in the electronic toll system. Currently, more than 481 thousand on-board units are in circulation, of which less than a third is used by domestic vehicles.

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