Electronic Toll Collection Russian Federation

The Russian Federation has joined other countries in charging for the road infrastructure using an electronic toll system based on Progressive Satellite Technology. On 15 November 2015, they introduced the Platon toll system intended for collecting tolls for using federal roads by vehicles weighing over 12 tons.

The toll charges over 50,000 km of roads across the Russian Federation. The toll system uses approximately 2 million On-Board Units (OBUs).
In addition to using OBUs for electronic toll collection, toll payment in the form of tickets is also available for drivers on transit routes. Compliance with the toll payment obligation is checked by almost 500 enforcement gantries.

In designing the electronic toll system solution for the Russian Federation, SkyToll utilised the experience gained in designing, developing and operating the electronic toll system in the Slovak Republic.

Though there was an incomparably greater range of fees, the main issues related to electronic tolls and operational processes were met thanks to many years of experience.

SkyToll, as a project consultant, developed an electronic toll strategy and a methodology for measuring and evaluating the quality of the system.

The services provided included the design of business processes within the electronic tolling system, their architecture, the revision of system requirements as well as the functional specifications and a design for the toll system’s development.

The pilot project using satellite technology for charging fees in Moscow’s developed, urban areas was implemented by SkyToll in only 14 days. Forty kilometres of roads were charged in total.

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