PRESS RELEASE      08. 10. 2020

In September, CzechToll collected 1.046 billion Czech crowns in tolls, which is the highest monthly collection since the start of charging in 2006

Prague, 8 October 2020 – In September, CzechToll collected the amount of 1.046 billion Czech crowns from carries for tolls for using roads and motorways. This is the highest amount of toll collected for a month since 2006, when charging for vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes was introduced. Year-on-year, toll collection increased by 12.28% in September.

In September, carriers from the Czech Republic (50.2% of the toll collection) and carriers from abroad (49.8%) contributed almost equally to the record toll collection. The role of the Czech Republic as a transit route for international transport has an impact on the distribution of toll collection between motorways (89% of tolls collected) and 1st category roads (the remaining 11%). More than 99% of the collected tolls was charged for lorries, only 0.7% was for buses from the Czech Republic and abroad.

“The months of October and November are among the strongest in toll collection every year. Unless there is another significant reduction in the economy or the closure of borders across Europe, we should see an increase in the year-on-year toll collection even for this year of the crisis and exceed 11 billion Czech crowns despite the outage during the spring emergency,” said Matej Okáli, CzechToll CEO. “It is also important to note that the operation of the toll system costs the Czech government about 1 billion crowns less this year than the previous operation of the microwave technology,” added Okáli.

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