PRESS RELEASE      16. 02. 2022

Toll collection was higher by 5 percent in January, carriers paid 1.1 billion Czech crowns

Prague, 16 February 2022 – The CzechToll toll system recorded 80 million toll transactions in January, i.e. 2.3 percent more than in January 2021. In the first month of 2022, the carriers paid a total of CZK 1.123 billion in tolls for using toll roads (up 5.2 percent year-on-year). In absolute terms, tolls increased by CZK 56 million year-on-year.

Approximately 90 percent of the tolls was collected by CzechToll in January for using motorways, the remaining 10 percent was for tolls for using 1st category roads. Approximately one half of the total tolls was paid by carriers from abroad.

At the end of January, almost 650 thousand vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes were registered in the electronic toll system. Of these, less than 165 thousand vehicles had domestic license plate numbers, the remaining 485 thousand vehicles were registered abroad. The number of on-board units issued to carriers reached 534 thousand.

From 1 February 2022, there were several changes in the toll road network defined by the decree. The changes in charging are related to the commissioning of new sections of the D6, D7, D11, D35, D48, D55 and D56 motorways in 2021 and the plan of commissioning motorways for 2022. The following sections are now charged starting from 1 February 2022:

  • D6 Lubenec, bypass in the total length of 5.4 km
  • D7 Panenský Týnec, bypass in the total length of 6.5 km
  • D11 Hradec Králové-Kukleny – Jaroměř, in the total length of 23.2 km
  • D35 Opatovice – Časy, in the total length of 13.3 km
  • D55 Otrokovice, south-east bypass in the total length of 3.3 km

Parts of sections D35 and D48, which have not yet been commissioned since 1 February 2022, will be charged, with regards to the text of the decree, as of the date of their early commissioning in the course of 2022.

One section is newly categorized – it was originally charged as a 1st category road, but currently it is charged as a motorway section:

  • D7 Panenský Týnec – Smolnice (km 34.5 – 41) in the total length of 6.5 km

In one section the charging was cancelled:

  • I/11 Hradec Králové-Kukleny – Hradec Králové-Plotiště, in the total length of 2.7 km
  • I/33 Hradec Králové-Plotiště –  Semonice in the length of 13 km
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