PRESS RELEASE      07. 01. 2021

Investment in the new toll system has paid off: the government collected over CZK 11.5 billion in tolls last year, up 5.24 % year-on-year

Prague, 7 January 2021 - The generational replacement of the toll system for lorries was a good investment for the government. Compared to the original microwave technology, the Czech Republic saved almost CZK 1 billion on the operating cost of the […]
PRESS RELEASE      17. 12. 2020

Upcoming changes in toll payment for carriers as of 1 January 2021: the crucial thing for drivers is the introduction of rates for 5 or more axles

Prague, 17 December 2020 - As of 1 January 2021, based on an amendment to Regulation of the Government 240/2014 Coll. and Decree No. 470/2012 Coll., several important changes in the electronic toll system for vehicles over 3.5 tons will come into […]
PRESS RELEASE      10. 12. 2020

Carriers paid 12 percent more in tolls in November than last year, the government collected 1.072 billion crowns for the month

Prague, 10 December 2020 - Despite ongoing economic constraints due to the fight against coronavirus, November was the second busiest month on Czech roads and motorways. Carriers paid 1.072 billion crowns in tolls, which is 12 percent more than in […]
PRESS RELEASE      01. 12. 2020

CzechToll satellite toll system celebrates the first anniversary since its launch: it recorded 950 million toll transactions, for each the government saved one crown

Prague, 1 December 2020 - Exactly a year ago, a satellite toll system for vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 tons was successfully launched. Thanks to massive measures, the world's first generational replacement of the toll […]
PRESS RELEASE      10. 11. 2020

In October CzechToll collected 1.11 billion crowns, up 11 percent year-on-year

Prague, 10 November 2020 - October has confirmed its position as one of the strongest months in the area of toll collection on Czech roads and motorways. CzechToll levied a total of CZK 1.11 billion in tolls for vehicles using toll roads and […]
PRESS RELEASE      02. 11. 2020

Old OBUs can be returned to the Road and Motorway Directorate only until the end of November

Prague, 2 November 2020 - Only until the end of November can carriers return their OBUs from the old microwave toll system, the operation of which was terminated on 30 November 2019. Carriers can claim back their unused credit and deposit for […]
PRESS RELEASE      08. 10. 2020

In September, CzechToll collected 1.046 billion Czech crowns in tolls, which is the highest monthly collection since the start of charging in 2006

Prague, 8 October 2020 - In September, CzechToll collected the amount of 1.046 billion Czech crowns from carries for tolls for using roads and motorways. This is the highest amount of toll collected for a month since 2006, when charging for […]
PRESS RELEASE      17. 09. 2020

The toll system discovered 135,000 offences in the first half of the year: drivers from Spain and the Czech Republic are the most frequent offenders, carriers from Slovakia are exemplary

Prague, 17 September 2020 - During the first half of this year, the new toll system revealed a total of 135,000 toll incidents (violations of rules by carriers). The most common offence committed by drivers is an incorrectly set number of axles, […]
PRESS RELEASE      08. 09. 2020

Tolls are gradually recovering for the spring crisis: the total revenues for 8 months caught up with last year’s results

Prague, 8 September 2020 - In the first eight months of this year, carriers spent almost 7.4 billion crowns on tolls. During the summer months, the electronic toll system thus erased the loss of revenue caused by a fall in road transport in March, […]
PRESS RELEASE      12. 08. 2020

In July the year-on-year growth in prescribed tolls remained above 6 percent

Prague, 12 August 2020 - In July 2020 carriers paid for driving on toll roads the total amount of CZK 982.8 million. Like in June, the growth of the prescribed tolls exceeded 6 percent - specifically, the collection increased by 6.11 percent year […]
PRESS RELEASE      09. 07. 2020

In June, toll revenues increased by 7% year-on-year to CZK 978 million, and for the entire half of the year CzechToll collected CZK 5.496 billion in tolls

Prague, 9 July 2020 - In June 2020 carriers paid the total amount of CZK 977.99 million for driving on toll roads. It represented an increase of 6.85% compared to the same period of 2019. The year-on-year growth in collected tolls was brought about […]
PRESS RELEASE      11. 06. 2020

May brought a slight revival of traffic in the Czech Republic: Toll collection increased by 14% compared to April to 852 million Czech crowns

Prague, 11 June 2020 - In May 2020 carriers paid for driving on toll roads the total amount of CZK 851.74 million. The year-on-year decline in toll collection fell from 19% in April to 13% in May. According to statistics of CzechToll, which […]
PRESS RELEASE      14. 05. 2020

As of 1 July 2020, the method of logging in the electronic toll system Customer Zone will change

Prague, 14 May 2020 - As of 1 July 2020, to log in users of the electronic toll system Customer Zone will need one of the identification tools which is accredited by the National Point for Identification and Authentication ( The […]
PRESS RELEASE      12. 05. 2020

In April, collected tolls fell by 19 percent year-on-year to 746.4 million Czech crowns

Prague, 12 May 2020 - In April 2020 CzechToll prescribed tolls for carriers for driving on toll roads in the aggregate amount of CZK 746.4 million. The year-on-year decrease in selected tolls exceeded 19 percent. The traffic intensity decreased on […]
PRESS RELEASE      30. 04. 2020

Extended maturities for toll payment can be used by carriers for 208 thousand vehicles

Prague, 30 April 2020 - Following the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic of 30 March 2020, carriers who have been negatively affected by measures related to COVID-19 and pay tolls in the Postpay mode may benefit from deferred due […]
PRESS RELEASE      11. 12. 2019

Expansion of the toll payment obligation: As of January trucks will pay tolls on these 1st category roads as well

Prague, 10 December 2019 - As of 1 January 2020, tolls for vehicles over 3.5 tons will be expanded by an additional 868 kilometres of 1st category roads. For example, I/20 road between Pilsen and České Budějovice, I/3 from Benešov towards […]
PRESS RELEASE      05. 12. 2019

CzechToll collected over 7 million Czech crowns in “new” tolls on Sunday; traffic complications are minimal at the moment

Prague, 2 December 2019 - CzechToll's new toll system is working without any problems and despite the Sunday ban on lorry driving the amount of tolls collected from carriers reached over CZK 7 million. With the first working day of the operation […]
PRESS RELEASE      04. 12. 2019

On Monday CzechToll issued 9 thousand OBUs at the border and collected more than 40 million Czech crowns in tolls on the first working day

Prague, 3 December 2019 - Since its launch, the new satellite toll system has registered more than 3.5 million vehicle passages on toll roads using the new on-board unit. CzechToll collected more than CZK 40 million in tolls on Monday. Due to the […]
PRESS RELEASE      02. 12. 2019

CzechToll successfully launched the new toll system: as a result the Czech Republic will receive 2.5 billion crowns more next year already

Prague, 1 December 2019 - CzechToll of the PPF Group successfully launched the new satellite toll system today. The Czech Republic replaced the obsolete microwave technology with a satellite one. The investment will start to pay off for the […]
PRESS RELEASE      29. 11. 2019

CzechToll doubled the capacity of the points of sale at the Czech border, it is ready to register 15 thousand vehicles coming from abroad per day

Prague, 28 November 2019 - During the expected onset of small foreign hauliers  during the launch of the new toll system, CzechToll will double the capacity of border points of sale. From an average of 60 employees, the company strengthened […]
PRESS RELEASE      28. 11. 2019

Last chance to register without queues: a week before the start of the new toll system, CzechToll points of sale are still far from full

Prague, 26 November 2019 - A week before the start of the new toll system 274 thousand vehicles are registered, 60% of the total expected number of vehicles, for the new system. In the Czech Republic, 21 thousand vehicles yet remain to be […]
PRESS RELEASE      22. 11. 2019

Extraordinary measures will reduce traffic complications upon launching the new toll system, CzechToll have invested over 50 million Czech crowns in them

Prague, 21 November 2019 - CzechToll has launched extraordinary measures aimed at minimizing traffic complications caused by small foreign hauliers who are not registering in sufficient numbers for the new toll system in the Czech Republic. The […]
PRESS RELEASE      20. 11. 2019

Two weeks before the start of the new toll system only 51% of vehicles are registered, in Poland 91% of hauliers know about the obligation to register

Prague, 19 November 2019 - In eight weeks, hauliers registered 234,000 vehicles, 51% of the expected total of 458,000, for the new toll system. In the third week before the launch of the new toll system, the average daily number of vehicles […]
PRESS RELEASE      13. 11. 2019

Truck operators are registering slowly: foreign hauliers will create tens of kilometres long queues in December

Prague, 12 November 2019 - Today CzechToll presented the results of a traffic model to the public that quantified the anticipated complications at the Czech borders at the time of launching the new toll system. Considering a minimum interest by […]
PRESS RELEASE      06. 11. 2019

Small hauliers have yet to register 287 thousand vehicles for the toll system, they face a fine of up to 100 thousand crowns

Prague, 5 November 2019 - Last week hauliers registered 32 thousand vehicles in the new toll system. In total, CzechToll has already registered 154,000 vehicles, approximately 34% of the total of 458,000 vehicles affected by the obligation to […]
PRESS RELEASE      22. 10. 2019

In the last 4 weeks the registration in the new toll system has been carried out by only 5% of small hauliers, whereas half of the big ones have already done so

Prague, 21 October 2019 - If small hauliers operating under the prepay toll mode fail to quickly fulfil their obligation to register and collect a new on-board unit, the Czech Republic is at risk of a traffic collapse in early December. While half […]
PRESS RELEASE      02. 10. 2019


Prague, 30 September 2019 – In the first week after the launch of registrations, approximately 38,000 vehicles from 4,000 hauliers registered in CzechToll’s new satellite toll system. So far, one thousand on-board units have been issued or […]
PRESS RELEASE      02. 10. 2019


Today CzechToll received the Office for the Protection of Competition decision on the validity of the contract for development and operation of the new electronic toll system in the Czech Republic. The contract is in force at the moment and the […]
PRESS RELEASE      25. 09. 2019

Registration of vehicles and issuance of on-board units for the new toll system in the Czech Republic has started

Prague, 25 September 2019 – The registration of vehicles for the new toll system in the Czech Republic has started. Hauliers are obliged to register in the new electronic toll system and to equip vehicles with the on-board unit no later than on […]
PRESS RELEASE      23. 09. 2019

CzechToll handed over 40 vehicles for mobile toll collection enforcement: they will start checking hauliers already as of 1 December 2019

Prague, 20 September 2019 - Today CzechToll delivered 40 vehicles specially designed and modified for mobile toll collection enforcement in the Czech Republic as of 1 December 2019. Vehicles, which were used for enforcement by the Customs […]
PRESS RELEASE      10. 09. 2019

CzechToll completed the production of 450 thousand on-board units in advance and started the final phase of the new toll system preparation

Prague, 10 September 2019 - CzechToll completed the production of 450 thousand on-board units 12 weeks earlier than required by the timeline for building the new toll system. It has also commenced the distribution of new OBUs to Points of Sale, […]
PRESS RELEASE      29. 07. 2019

Registration of vehicles and issuance of on-board units for the new toll system will be carried out by the Economic Chamber

Prague, 24 July 2019 - The Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic will register vehicles, their operators and toll payers, issue and collect back on-board units for the new satellite toll system, which will be launched on 1 December 2019. This is […]
PRESS RELEASE      24. 07. 2019


Prague, 19 July 2019 – An inspection day for the preparation of the new electronic toll system was held at CzechToll headquarters with the participation of the Minister of Transport, Vladimír Kremlík, and representatives of the Road and […]
PRESS RELEASE      16. 07. 2019


The new toll system, which can bring huge financial savings for the Czech Republic, is completed and we are ready to start a trial operation according to the set schedule. Kapsch built and has operated the microwave system for the last 13 years for […]
PRESS RELEASE      01. 07. 2019

The new toll system will be managed by CzechToll from the ArtGen building in Prague

Prague, 24 June 2019 - CzechToll has achieved further milestones in the preparation of the new toll system to be launched on 1 December 2019. In addition to other key components, CzechToll has  completed the preparation of the back office and […]
PRESS RELEASE      17. 05. 2019

CzechToll has the first set of 25,000 new on-board units, which hauliers can pick up as of 22.9. 2019

Prague, 14 May 2019 - CzechToll took over the first set of 25,000 on-board units (OBUs) for the new satellite toll system.  Following quality control, the production will be launched at a full capacity of 25,000 units per week. All 450,000 units […]
PRESS RELEASE      07. 03. 2019

CzechToll successfully completed the first tests of the new toll system, haulier registration to start from the beginning of October 2019

Prague, 28 February 2019 - CzechToll completed the first round of key technology tests for the new electronic toll system 150 days after signing the contract with the Ministry of Transport. This should be launched on 1 December 2019, according to […]
PRESS RELEASE      20. 09. 2018


CzechToll from the PPF Group, along with SkyToll, which operates the Slovak electronic toll system, welcome the decision of the Ministry of Transport, which has decided on the winner of the tender for a new toll system operator in the Czech […]
PRESS RELEASE      11. 04. 2018


CzechToll and SkyToll confirm that today they have signed a contract with the Ministry of Transport to build a satellite toll system in the Czech Republic. The tender won by CzechToll - a part of the PPF Group - with a price CZK 2.7 billion […]
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