PRESS RELEASE      07. 02. 2020

Toll collection on 1st category roads brought 98 mil. Czech crowns; total toll collection increased year-to-year by 6% to 948 mil. Czech crowns

Prague, 6 February 2020 - The satellite toll system has confirmed the assumptions and generates more funds for the Czech Republic on tolls than the original microwave system. The total of 2,409 km of toll roads and motorways achieved the toll […]
PRESS RELEASE      07. 01. 2020

In 2019, hauliers were charged tolls in the amount of CZK 10.946 billion

Prague, 6 January 2020 - In December 2019, hauliers were charged tolls by CzechToll in the total amount of nearly CZK 725 million. For the whole of 2019 hauliers were billed the total amount of CZK 10.946 billion, i.e. by 1.19% more than in […]
PRESS RELEASE      02. 01. 2020

CzechToll successfully launched toll payment on 902.9 km of newly charged roads and motorways

Prague, 1 January 2020 - CzechToll successfully completed another part of the contract for the delivery of the new satellite toll system. As of today, it has expanded electronic toll collection to additional 868 kilometres of 1st category roads and […]
PRESS RELEASE      11. 12. 2019

Expansion of the toll payment obligation: As of January trucks will pay tolls on these 1st category roads as well

Prague, 10 December 2019 - As of 1 January 2020, tolls for vehicles over 3.5 tons will be expanded by an additional 868 kilometres of 1st category roads. For example, I/20 road between Pilsen and České Budějovice, I/3 from Benešov towards […]
PRESS RELEASE      05. 12. 2019

CzechToll collected over 7 million Czech crowns in “new” tolls on Sunday; traffic complications are minimal at the moment

Prague, 2 December 2019 - CzechToll's new toll system is working without any problems and despite the Sunday ban on lorry driving the amount of tolls collected from carriers reached over CZK 7 million. With the first working day of the operation […]
PRESS RELEASE      04. 12. 2019

On Monday CzechToll issued 9 thousand OBUs at the border and collected more than 40 million Czech crowns in tolls on the first working day

Prague, 3 December 2019 - Since its launch, the new satellite toll system has registered more than 3.5 million vehicle passages on toll roads using the new on-board unit. CzechToll collected more than CZK 40 million in tolls on Monday. Due to the […]
PRESS RELEASE      02. 12. 2019

CzechToll successfully launched the new toll system: as a result the Czech Republic will receive 2.5 billion crowns more next year already

Prague, 1 December 2019 - CzechToll of the PPF Group successfully launched the new satellite toll system today. The Czech Republic replaced the obsolete microwave technology with a satellite one. The investment will start to pay off for the […]
PRESS RELEASE      29. 11. 2019

CzechToll doubled the capacity of the points of sale at the Czech border, it is ready to register 15 thousand vehicles coming from abroad per day

Prague, 28 November 2019 - During the expected onset of small foreign hauliers  during the launch of the new toll system, CzechToll will double the capacity of border points of sale. From an average of 60 employees, the company strengthened […]
PRESS RELEASE      28. 11. 2019

Last chance to register without queues: a week before the start of the new toll system, CzechToll points of sale are still far from full

Prague, 26 November 2019 - A week before the start of the new toll system 274 thousand vehicles are registered, 60% of the total expected number of vehicles, for the new system. In the Czech Republic, 21 thousand vehicles yet remain to be […]
PRESS RELEASE      22. 11. 2019

Extraordinary measures will reduce traffic complications upon launching the new toll system, CzechToll have invested over 50 million Czech crowns in them

Prague, 21 November 2019 - CzechToll has launched extraordinary measures aimed at minimizing traffic complications caused by small foreign hauliers who are not registering in sufficient numbers for the new toll system in the Czech Republic. The […]
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